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Microneedling  now available !

Full face/neck $99!                                           Scars,  stretch marks & other areas by quote.  

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​​​Permanent Makeup touchup policy-

Touchup $59 if done within a 3 month period (1st touchup only at this price)

$69 within 6 months

$85 within 10 months

​$99 within 12 months​. 

After 12 months it will be by quote depending on how much ink the client has held.

​​​​​Kerry's Kosmetic-Permanent Makeup  &  Esthetics

Occasionally people lose a tiny spot after touchup for a variety of reasons skin type, care, scar tissue, etc. If you need just a couple strokes outside touchup schedule it is $35. Usually it is better to just stick with regular touchup schedule and have the whole thing on both sides refreshed.

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Permanent Makeup & Esthetics

Contest Drawings several times each yr. 

No Show/Short Notice (less than 24 hrs) Cancellation Policy:

Full price paid up front to reschedule another apt..  Any sale price is forfeited. Rebooking is at my discretion.  

​​​​​​​​​​Kerry Knox  LE

Permanent Makeup Artist

​& Esthetician

Microblading will usually require touchup. The first touchup is generally done within the first 4 months but with the new ink I am using I am finding some people aren't requiring this until much later.  You will lose some ink after the first visit.  Some people hold more than others. Microblading is an enhancement not a permanent solution. Color can appear to go away and come back in at about 3-4 weeks after the procedure.  I can not touchup your brows until you are fully healed and we see how much color has come back in (at least 4 weeks). It is a good idea to schedule the touchup after the first session is finished.  You can always cancel if you feel you do not need it. 
Tweezing or shaving is not necessary before the procedure. I try to save and work with any of your natural hair that I can. You can
either come with them drawn how you want me to do them or we can custom design and even custom mix colors .
7 Day Healing Period-
*No Sun Beds
*No sweating in the gym
*No Sauna
*No Makeup on the brow area
*No Anti Aging creams on the brow area
*Do not pick scabs if any happen to appear
*Do not itch the brow area. 
*Leave Brow area alone and let them heal for 7 days. 
*Avoid getting brows wet or soaked in water
*If you get Botox it should be performed at least 3 weeks before or 2 weeks after microblading. 

*It is recommended to stay out of direct sun for 2 weeks prior to apt. and 2 weeks after. 
*Will not be performed on you if you are pregnant or breast feeding. 
*If you bleach your eyebrows I recommend not doing so. It can bleach out the pigment. 
*Smoking will cause the pigment to fade prematurely & Anesthetics won't last as long
*Frequent peels and anti-aging creams will cause them to fade faster. Heavy peels should be done at least 60 days prior or 60 after the procedure if you are going to do them. 
*You are not a good candidate if you have severely oily skin or large pores. Your results will appear softer/solid or powder looking. You would probably do better with Ombre brows instead. 
*Do not take Aspirin, Fish oil, Niacin, Vitamin E or Ibuprofen unless medically necessary 48-72 hrs before the procedure. Tylenol is fine. You should be off Acutane for 1 year.
*Avoid alcohol or caffeine the day before and prior to procedure, this will minimize any oozing/bleeding or swelling after the procedure 
*If you are on your menstrual cycle it can make you more sensitive. 
*Pigment can have less retention due to scar tissue. 
*You will be keeping ointment on the brows to prevent drying for the 7 days. 
Some swelling is normal. The area may appear uneven, dry, itchy tender, red & irritated. This is all 100% normal. Do not pick. These symptoms will dissipate each day and vary for each individual. Color will fade and soften from 30-50% so choose a color that is darker than you want.
Brows will be fine tuned during the touchup and faded areas will be addressed. Fading occurs after every procedure and everyone's skin is different so results vary. After touchup they can last 1-3 yrs. depending on your skin and how you care for them. Tech does not have control over the bodies healing process. It is possible to still need some powder or pencil even after the healing process. Microblading is an enhancement to your natural brows and not a permanent solution. 
Flaking can occur. Everyone will heal differently.  Clients may develop patchy areas or the appearance of fading after the 1st treatment. Touchup may be needed to address any areas that may have been lost. Don't panic in the first 10 days if you have a little
flakes off. That is why I have the touchup policy in place. Keep in mind no two sides of a face are exact. Perfection is my goal but brows are sisters not twins.  The look of the brows softens out a lot over the first few weeks. After the 7 day healing process feel free to use pencil or powder to fill until your touchup. You may also want to keep some type of oil on them to keep them from flaking more. 
I have a full touchup policy and pricing on my web page Some people require more than others so I set up a policy just for them so they can keep the brows fresh. If it hasn't been no more than 6months since last touchup it is only $69. First touchup within 4 months is only $59. Permanent makeup policy is slightly different. 
I care very much for my clients. I try to make sure you have plenty of ink put in and are happy about the end results. Permanent makeup is not an exact science and some things I have no control over. I spend endless hours educating myself to be better.  I set aside quite a bit of time for each person to try to get as close to perfection as possible.  


​​​​​​​​​​​​​$195 Upper eyeliner only

$175 Lower eyeliner only

$275 Upper only with wings

$250 Both upper & lower eyeliner (thin)

$295  Designer eyeliner upper & lower with wings

$300 2 color eyeliner (requires 2 sessions)

Add $75 if done within the lash lines upper or lower.


$185 Lip Liner (Full lips added later $85)

$275 Full Lips 

$300 Full lips 2 tone w/liner . If done in 1 session.

$225 Beautiful Lips (Soft fade)


$215 Microblading

$250 Microblading & Shading

​$75 Shading done after Microblading in a separate session (if original work done by me)

$215 Ombre/pow

der Brows

$190 Traditional Permanent 

Makeup Brows


$30 Beauty Mark 

​Small scar cover or permanent makeup correction get quote

Brow removal $65 per session


Esthetic prices

Microdermabrasion  $60

Chemical peels Glycolic $55
Acne facials w/steam & 

extractions $85

Dermaplane $60

Dermapeel  (enzyme)$75

Dermapeel (Glycolic)$95

Micropeel (enzyme)$65

Micropeel (Glycolic)85​​

Microneedling $99 (add Dermaplane

or Microdermabrasion for $150,

Comes with Premium Peptide mask)

Medical Grade peel $125

Add RF skin tightening, dermaplane 

or Microdermabrasion to Medical 

​Peel for $150

(Ask about preordering after care kits

​for Acne or Anti-aging)

Dermalift Facial (90 minute

​treatment) $150 

Add premium Peptide mask to 

​any treatment $20

RF skin tightening w/dermaplane

& enzyme peel $99